Flywheel is the Best Hosting Company for WordPress Websites

Did you know that WordPress websites account for 43.2% of all websites on the internet? If you have a website, you need hosting. While you’ve probably heard of cheap and competitive platforms like GoDaddy, HostGator, and BlueHost, Flywheel is the more ethical and better experience for WordPress website owners. After seven years in the web development and marketing industry, Flywheel is the best website hosting company I’ve discovered. Just to be clear, this is not sponsored content and I have not been paid to write this post.

Here are 6 Reasons Why Flywheel is the Best Website Hosting Platform for WordPress

  1. Plans start at $13/month, making it affordable and accessible to most. 
  2. They offer discounts and incentives for annual subscriptions, right now Flywheel’s offering 2 months free with an annual subscription. 
  3. Flywheel has the best customer service that I’ve ever experienced as a marketer and as a customer. Their reps are always helpful, attentive, and kind.

    • They’ve helped me: recover sites that have gone down, get into my locked account after missing passwords, assist live as I transferred sites from other platforms, disconnect plugins, and so much more.
    • In contrast, other companies are slow to respond, often transfer you to other departments and lose you in between, ask for payment for assistance or don’t offer any live customer service at all. 
  4. Free SSL certificates, daily security backups, easy login, and an add-on for automatic updates. Security is of the upmost importance. Flywheel partners with companies like Sucuri to offer secure sites safe from hacking and malware. Security, as well as SSL and ongoing updates are essential and you can read why in detail below. 
  5. You can create a mock website for free before launching! This is one of the number one reasons I use Flywheel to build client sites. They provide you with a temporary url hosted through Flywheel that you can make private and share with selected collaborators, viewers or clients at your discretion. For up to two weeks, you can build out the site, gather feedback, and do live previews until you’re ready to publish, making it the easiest way to build a site from scratch that’s already connected to your hosting platform.
  6. Connect Google Analytics for free within your dashboard and see all of your data in one location, such as how many web visitors you’ve received over a week, month, six months, or last year, and the referral sources of those hits, as well as which web pages were most popular and the amount of time viewers spent on each page and which they bounced off right away. This information is crucial for understanding where people come from, where they go to, and where they leave, so that you can optimize the locations viewers are stemming from and make changes when bounce rates are high. Don’t have a free Google Analytics account for your business yet? Get on it here.

Flywheel is a powerhouse. They were purchased by WP Engine in 2019 to bring users even more WordPress experience and excellence, at the time, their team of 900 absorbed over 120,000 sites. You can read more about these dynamic partnerships here.

Why Security Updates and SSL Certificates Matter

All websites are at risk of crashing, be it due to a plugin incompatibility, a security breach, or something irregular such as a server overload or power down. Flywheel offers automatic nightly security backups, downloadable files, and the option of doing a manual backup at any time. I utilize manual backups when I update plugins manually. With the click of a button, you can revert back to a previously saved backup and you can download a backup of your site at any time.

SSL certificates are those little locks you see in the website search bar before the url name. They’re required by web browsers such as Google in order to ensure your site is secure and verified before showcasing your content to website viewers. Since it’s a required certificate, some companies take advantage and charge you, Flywheel and Cloudflare offer free SSL certificates.

Automatic Website and Plugin Updates Can Save You Time and Money

One incredible feature that Flywheel offers users and agencies is an add-on that enables automatic plugin updates for just $8/month. Just like us marketers and web developers do, Flywheel generates a backup before updating plugins. When they update, if anything goes wrong, their experts are on it right away, without having to worry about hiring someone externally to get your website back up and running. As long as you have this update on, your theme, PHP, and plugins will be updated for you, ensuring security and the latest features and compatibility will be available to you each month. To make sure that your purchased theme gets updated, make sure you’ve entered the token (if applicable), your web designer will know more about this.

(For the Web Developers) Can I Use an FTP (CPanel) or External Database with Flywheel?

While some website developers use cpanels and FTPs to access the website databases of their clients, Flywheel is managed hosting, offering transparent and easily navigable dashboards to developers and website owners alike. Here’s an awesome and clear explanation of the two and how Flywheel differs while still offering necessary tools and data.

While you can in fact access your database in Flywheel in the advanced tab, you do not have access to your cpanel. Ultimately, this isn’t an essential tool for most and the majority of website owners and web developers can create beautiful, functional, secure sites with all of the tools provided by Flywheel.

Flywheel is User-Friendly for Small Business Owners and Web Designers Alike

Whether you’re looking for a host for yourself or a go-to hosting company for your clients, I recommend Flywheel!

You can sign up using my referral link here, and that way, we both win! They’re currently offering 2 months for free when you sign up for their annual plan.