Be the Change Blog   •   November 24, 2019

Maria Shayna Photography Oregon

So we’re out here, spinning on a planet, in the midst of an ever-expanding universe. 

But right now, I am here, present with you, and myself, trying to figure out my work-life balance.

One thing that I am a firm believer of is that we are not meant to wake up, go to work every day, and come home to sleep only to wake up early and do it all over again. Yes, our lives may seem repetitious and mundane some days but it’s on us to build in the time to live our soulful purpose.

Being a business owner can be an overwhelming and isolating experience. That’s why we need to remember our WHAT in addition to our WHY.

Everyone talks about the why, but what about the WHAT?

What brings you joy? Motivates you? Makes you feel alive? Knowing your what’s, and there may be many, (the more the merrier), can help you enjoy the experience of life and entrepreneurship more.

Whether you own your own business or not, I encourage you to write down a list of as many things as you can think of that bring you joy. 

Do it now. Take out your phone, a notepad, an old receipt, and let your spirit write for you as you come up with an endless list of bliss.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee or tea, the beautiful changing colors of leaves in the fall, movies and songs that make you cry, hikes that result in incredible views, a meaningful conversation, books and podcasts that inspire us to be better…

Whether small or large, it is important to remind ourselves of the things that give life meaning for us so that we can do them.

That’s right. This isn’t just about creating a joyful list as a visual reminder daily, weekly or yearly, it is a challenge to incorporate your WHATS into your every day.

Saving for a vacation? Take a long lunch to explore somewhere new in your neighborhood.

Crazy about coffee? Spend a week trying a new café every day.

Need more inspiration? Ask your friends, teachers, mentors what they read and listen to so that you can consume some new great material daily to enhance your life.

One thing that I’ve done for myself lately is take on a 100 day challenge. I’m currently on day 10 of challenging myself to capture something beautiful on my camera every single day. This challenge requires me to get out of the house in search of something worth capturing and allows me to practice my photo skills every day.

Life is fun, it’s soulful, and it is meant to be lived and enjoyed EVERY DAY. Not just Sunday.

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Cheers to living out your whats!

Maria Shayna