Be the Change Blog   •   May 25, 2019

How to turn a live photo into a boomerang for Instagram Stories

With new features being released constantly, it’s hard to keep track of all of Instagram’s newest features. 

Today, I’m going to briefly show you how to turn your Iphone’s live photo into a Boomerang, moving picture, or GIF in your Instagram story. This will only work if your photo was shot as a live photo.

Below is the brief video on how to turn your live photo into an Instagram story Boomerang.

Tip: Be sure to press and hold the image until it turns into a Boomerang. 

Didn’t shoot a live photo and still want a Gif/Boomerang? 

If you didn’t shoot your photo as a live photo but still want to use a gif, you can use a free gif maker online, upload multiple pictures or a video you want to make into a moving picture, and then upload that to Instagram. I tried many as I was writing this article and my favorite because it was the cleanest and easiest to use and actually saved my gifs as videos with the option of how many times to repeat is Gif Maker. I included the look of the app and the link below.

The file you save will have to be an mp4 file/video, as Instagram feeds don’t currently support moving pictures in gif format. Many free gif makers look spammy and make you use their watermark on your final product unless you upgrade. (So just be aware or look for one you like that allows you to turn off watermarks.)

Want to download your own gif into a blog post like below? 


To embed this gif above into this blog post, I had to create the gif in Gif Maker, upload it to my Giphy account, get the URL for where it is located on my account and copy the embed code.

We are a society high on emojis, memes, and gifs, but the techy part of posting gifs is still being finessed.

Stay tuned for more Instagram and social media marketing tips and transparency!

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Maria Shayna