Be the Change Blog   •   May 6, 2019

How much does self-confidence have to do with entrepreneurial success?

“Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t you’re right.”

Law of attraction, manifestation, Jim Carrey’s 10 million dollar check on Oprah, Tony Robbins subconsciously buying the same house as he put on his dream board…

I believe it all.

You know why?

Because our creative minds are the most powerful tools we own.

The intentions we set for ourselves guide our decisions, which divinely appoint the doors that open in current and new directions as opportunities, and ultimately lead to the manifestation of our goals, often beyond our wildest dreams.

Have you ever started a business and stopped? Or, had a great idea that you were really excited about that soon got pushed aside or extinguished?

Perhaps the spark diminished when you shared it with others and heard their feedback.

But most likely, you either didn’t have conviction in the idea, or deep down you were struggling with faith in yourself. (I’m not talking about religion-based faith, although I may get a little spiritual sometimes.)  I’m talking about unwavering strength, belief, and conviction in yourself.

It Starts By Believing in Yourself

You have to believe you can make it happen and then you will. It’s that simple.

It’ll be hard work, but hard work is just a passionate existence when you have conviction in yourself.

The moment we shift our thinking, is the moment we start manifesting the life we desire. Show up in the circles you want to associate yourself with. Actively search for your tribe. Read and gain inspiration from the people you want to emulate, and the people you want to help.

A wise friend and I sat down for tea and talk time last week. We made beautiful metaphors about planting idea seeds and composting our emotions to pave way for more blossoms.

But the greatest thing I took away that day was that if I take one small step a day, I will be 365 paces in a new direction at the end of a year.

Self Reflection

As I’m giving my all to my business this year, I’ve often wondered why this time is different. I’ve been excited by ideas and projects before; I’ve even thought of an idea, bought a domain, and built a website for ideas I didn’t follow through on, all within a day.

And then it slowly came to me, first as a whisper, and then as a truth. I didn’t wake up as a new person. My skills, beliefs, passions, and even my old bed (where I wake up) were still there.

I simply woke up with new thoughts. I woke up one day after another with more belief in myself than the years prior. The seeds I planted long ago began to sprout and as I continue to grow the garden, I am cultivating the soil differently this time, so that I can continue to grow on a solid foundation.

As Tony Robbins says in this amazing interview with Marie Forleo, he built the certainty he has in himself by decades of practice, but “in the very beginning it was just this person’s hurting, and I’ve got to do something.” He goes on to say, that core aspect of [him] hasn’t changed to this day as it was back then, but [he] was fortunate enough to succeed and figure things out and you build on success.

Here’s to believing in ourselves, tending to our soil, and figuring things out on our paths to success. 


Maria Shayna