Be the Change Blog   •   June 6, 2019

Ya’ll, have you ever been connecting with new individuals and just felt so humbled by their incredible-ness?!

As a marketing consultant, I have the pleasure of working with these individuals. What I never realized early on was how much coaching was involved. And it turns out, I love it.

I get to empower people to believe in themselves, and help them build empowering messaging to show their clients and the world their powerful products and services.

Sometimes, when I see a business owner’s lack of digital marketing or ineffective presence, my heart breaks.

Because here I am, thinking the world of these individuals, knowing that their potential clients are being presented with a less than stellar representation of who they are online.

Today, after doing research on one of my recent connections, I literally gasped and grabbed my chest upon seeing their website.

Why? Because they offer some pretty relevant and incredible tech services and I couldn’t believe that they didn’t invest in the technological presence to support that—to support themselves.

Would you wear a stained or tattered sweater to a business meeting? Even if it’s casual Friday, the answer is probably no.

So, maybe it’s time to upgrade your digital wardrobe and put on something beautiful.

Telling your story and what the client experience looks like for your customers on your website and social channels matters. Even if the majority of your leads are from referrals or word of mouth, your website and digital presence are an extension of yourself.

Ready to explore what a new website or marketing strategy could look like for you?

Let’s get together to discuss your dreams and design the digital wardrobe you deserve. ☕️